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Vignettes from package 'BioC2016Introduction'

BioC2016Introduction::Lecture-overview Getting to Know R / Bioconductor HTML Rmd R code
BioC2016Introduction::Lecture-r-introduction 1.1 Introduction to _R_ HTML Rmd R code
BioC2016Introduction::Lecture-bioc-introduction 1.2 Introduction to _Bioconductor_ HTML Rmd R code
BioC2016Introduction::Lecture-sequences 1.3 Sequences and Strings For Genome-Scale Data HTML Rmd R code
BioC2016Introduction::Lecture-annotation 1.4 Adding Annotation To Your Analysis HTML Rmd R code
BioC2016Introduction::L0-lab-intro Labs Overview HTML Rmd R code
BioC2016Introduction::L1-r-intro Lab 1.1: Introduction to R HTML Rmd R code
BioC2016Introduction::L2-bioc-intro Lab 1.2: Introduction to Bioconductor HTML Rmd R code
BioC2016Introduction::L3-bioc-data-representation Lab 1.3: Data Represenations HTML Rmd R code
BioC2016Introduction::L4-bioc-annotation Lab 1.4: Annotation ReRmds HTML Rmd R code