Learning R / Bioconductor for Sequence Analysis

This package contains training material for a Fall, 2014 introductory R / Bioconductor course “Learning R / Bioconductor for Sequence Analysis”, offered October 27-29, Seattle, WA.

This course is directed at beginning and intermediate users who would like an introduction to the analysis and comprehension of high-throughput sequence data using R and Bioconductor. Day 1 focuses on learning essential background: an introduction to the R programming language; central concepts for effective use of Bioconductor software; and an overview of high-throughput sequence analysis work flows. Day 2 emphasizes use of Bioconductor for specific tasks: an RNA-seq differential expression work flow; exploratory, machine learning, and other statistical tasks; gene set enrichment; and annotation. Day 3 transitions to understanding effective approaches for managing larger challenges: strategies for working with large data, writing re-usable functions, developing reproducible reports and work flows, and visualizing results.

The course combines lectures with extensive hands-on practicals; students are required to bring a laptop with wireless internet access and a modern version of the Chrome or Safari web browser.

Schedule (tentative)

Day 1: Learn R / Bioconductor

Day 2: Use R / Bioconductor

Day 3: Develop Skills and Best Practices