Ruihua Fang, Ph.D.
PI, Computational Proteomics Laboratory
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

In this session, the participants will be introduced to the msInspect analysis package and learn to use it for processing high resolution LC-MS data, including image processing, peptide feature detection, normalization of spectra, and alignment of LC-MS features accrosss multiple runs.

Clustering analysis tools based on the R statistical package will be used for normalization and clustering. The algorithms will be demonstrated using data of increasingly complex biological samples; bacteria, yeast, and human serum. The hands-on use of msInspect will be distributed to the participants along with some example data files.

By the end of the sesssion, the participants should be capable of processing the data, but will also obtain knowlegde about proitein fingerprinting, the underpinning's of LC-MS mass spectrometry, and the basic biochemistry needed to understand and interpret the data analysis package.