Registration Open for Bioc2024 July 24-26

Afternoon Practicals

Differential expression analysis of microarray experiments
Analysis of Illumina Data: The lumi package and the nuID naming scheme for oligonucleotides
Efficient manipulation of large biological sequences with the Biostrings package
Gaggle: broadcast data from R to interactive programs & websites
Distributed R and Bioconductor for the Web
Analysing Illumina bead-based data using beadarray
Flow Cytometry Analysis with R: the flowCore package
Integrating Bioconductor Packages in the Analysis of Affymetrix Data
Microarray data quality metrics
Analysis of small to very large Affymetrix data sets
Database mining with biomaRt
Analysis of Affymetrix and Nimblegen data and extension of BioConductor tools using the oligo package
Machine learning for high-throughput biology
Image processing and analysis with EBImage (applied to cytomicroscopy)
Exposing Bioconductor functionality as web services