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R Programming for Bioinformatics

Author: Robert Gentleman

Released 14 July 2008

cover image for R Programming for Bioinformatics

cover image for R Programming for Bioinformatics

Thanks to its data handling and modeling capabilities and its flexibility, R is becoming the most widely used software in bioinformatics. R Programming for Bioinformatics builds the programming skills needed to use R for solving bioinformatics and computational biology problems.

Drawing on the author’s experiences as an R expert, the book begins with coverage on the general properties of the R language, several unique programming aspects of R, and object-oriented programming in R. It presents methods for data input and output as well as database interactions. The author also examines different facets of string handling and manipulations, discusses the interfacing of R with other languages, and describes how to write software packages. He concludes with a discussion on the debugging and profiling of R code.

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Web Supplement (code, figures and solutions).