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Technical Advisory Board

The Technical Advisory Board purpose is to support the Bioconductor mission by

  • Developing strategies to ensure long-term technical suitability of core infrastructure for the Bioconductor mission. Core infrastructure includes: all aspects of package addition, management, and distribution; end-user engagement (e.g., web, support site, and slack); developer support; and development of packages for use by the broader developer community.

  • Identifying and pursuing technical and scientific aspects of funding strategies for long-term viability of Bioconductor.

The Technical Advisory Board governance document (PDF) outlines membership, procedures, and committees and working groups of the board. Governance was formalized in February, 2019.

Current members

Meeting minutes

The Technical Advisory Board meets monthly. Minutes of the last meeting are made available after being approved by the board on the following meeting. The first meeting for which public minutes were maintained was on 2 May, 2019.


If you would like to contact the Technical Advisory Board please reach out to us on the Bioconductor slack

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