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DOI: 10.18129/B9.bioc.RcisTarget    

This is the development version of RcisTarget; to use it, please install the devel version of Bioconductor.

RcisTarget: Identify transcription factor binding motifs enriched on a gene list

Bioconductor version: Development (3.7)

RcisTarget identifies transcription factor binding motifs (TFBS) over-represented on a gene list. In a first step, RcisTarget selects DNA motifs that are significantly over-represented in the surroundings of the transcription start site (TSS) of the genes in the gene-set. This is achieved by using a database that contains genome-wide cross-species rankings for each motif. The motifs that are then annotated to TFs and those that have a high Normalized Enrichment Score (NES) are retained. Finally, for each motif and gene-set, RcisTarget predicts the candidate target genes (i.e. genes in the gene-set that are ranked above the leading edge).

Author: Sara Aibar, Stein Aerts. Laboratory of Computational Biology. VIB-KU Leuven Center for Brain & Disease Research. Leuven, Belgium

Maintainer: Sara Aibar <sara.aibar at>

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biocViews GeneRegulation, GeneSetEnrichment, GeneTarget, MotifAnnotation, Software, Transcription, Transcriptomics
Version 0.99.7
License GPL-3
Depends R (>= 3.3)
Imports data.table, SummarizedExperiment, GSEABase, methods, R.utils, graphics, stats, utils
Suggests Biobase, visNetwork, DT, igraph, BiocStyle, knitr, rmarkdown, doParallel, foreach, RcisTarget.hg19.motifDBs.cisbpOnly.500bp, testthat
Enhances doMC, doRNG, zoo
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