BioC 2010

Seattle, WA

2010-07-29 ~ 2010-07-30



This conference highlights current developments within and beyond Bioconductor, an international open source and open development software project for the analysis and comprehension of high-throughput genomic data.


Morning Talks

Afternoon Labs

Introduction to R

Instructor: Chao-Jen Wong

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Efficient R Programming

Instructor: Martin Morgan

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Using limma for differential expression

Instructor: James W. MacDonald

Data mining with biomaRt

Instructor: Steffen Durinck

ChIPpeakAnno Practical

Instructor: Lihua Julie Zhu

Transcript centric annotations and high-throughput sequencing

Instructors: Marc Carlson / Herve Pages

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Bioconductor tools for input and quality assessment of high-throughput sequence data

Instructors: Patrick Aboyoun / Martin Morgan

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Analyzing and Visualizing ChIP-seq Data

Instructor: Michael Lawrence

Analysis of genome-scale count data in Bioconductor

Instructors: Mark Robinson / Davis McCarthy

Using image data for statistical analysis and modeling

Instructor: Wolfgang Huber

Instructor: Vince Carey

Gene centric annotations

Instructor: Marc Carlson

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Analyzing flow cytometry data in Bioconductor

Instructors: Nishant Gopalakrishnan / Chao-Jen Wong

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Automated Gating and Metaclustering of High Content Flow Cytometry Data

Instructor: Greg Finak

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