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This is the development version of Gviz; for the stable release version, see Gviz.

Plotting data and annotation information along genomic coordinates

Bioconductor version: Development (3.20)

Genomic data analyses requires integrated visualization of known genomic information and new experimental data. Gviz uses the biomaRt and the rtracklayer packages to perform live annotation queries to Ensembl and UCSC and translates this to e.g. gene/transcript structures in viewports of the grid graphics package. This results in genomic information plotted together with your data.

Author: Florian Hahne [aut], Steffen Durinck [aut], Robert Ivanek [aut, cre] , Arne Mueller [aut], Steve Lianoglou [aut], Ge Tan [aut], Lance Parsons [aut], Shraddha Pai [aut], Thomas McCarthy [ctb], Felix Ernst [ctb], Mike Smith [ctb]

Maintainer: Robert Ivanek <robert.ivanek at>

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if (!require("BiocManager", quietly = TRUE))

# The following initializes usage of Bioc devel


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biocViews Microarray, Sequencing, Software, Visualization
Version 1.49.0
In Bioconductor since BioC 2.10 (R-2.15) (12.5 years)
License Artistic-2.0
Depends R (>= 4.3), methods, S4Vectors(>= 0.9.25), IRanges(>= 1.99.18), GenomicRanges(>= 1.17.20), grid
Imports XVector(>= 0.5.7), rtracklayer(>= 1.25.13), lattice, RColorBrewer, biomaRt(>= 2.11.0), AnnotationDbi(>= 1.27.5), Biobase(>= 2.15.3), GenomicFeatures(>= 1.17.22), ensembldb(>= 2.11.3), BSgenome(>= 1.33.1), Biostrings(>= 2.33.11), biovizBase(>= 1.13.8), Rsamtools(>= 1.17.28), latticeExtra (>= 0.6-26), matrixStats (>= 0.8.14), GenomicAlignments(>= 1.1.16), GenomeInfoDb(>= 1.1.3), BiocGenerics(>= 0.11.3), digest (>= 0.6.8), graphics, grDevices, stats, utils
System Requirements
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Suggests BSgenome.Hsapiens.UCSC.hg19, xml2, BiocStyle, knitr, rmarkdown, testthat
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Depends On Me biomvRCNS, chimeraviz, cicero, coMET, cummeRbund, Pviz, methylationArrayAnalysis, rnaseqGene, csawBook
Imports Me AllelicImbalance, ASpli, CAGEfightR, comapr, crisprViz, DMRcate, ELMER, epimutacions, GenomicInteractions, maser, mCSEA, MEAL, methylPipe, motifbreakR, OGRE, PING, primirTSS, regutools, RNAmodR, RNAmodR.AlkAnilineSeq, RNAmodR.RiboMethSeq, SPLINTER, srnadiff, tadar, trackViewer, TVTB, uncoverappLib, VariantFiltering, DMRcatedata
Suggests Me annmap, BindingSiteFinder, cellbaseR, CNEr, CNVRanger, ensembldb, extraChIPs, fishpond, GenomicRanges, gwascat, interactiveDisplay, MIRit, pqsfinder, QuasR, RnBeads, segmenter, SplicingGraphs, TFutils, Single.mTEC.Transcriptomes, CAGEWorkflow, chipseqDB, chicane, RTIGER
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